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Four Tip Friday

  1. If you are wondering what the Windows key can be used for, check out this article with a useful list of shortcuts:  I like Windows logo key + D to display my desktop. Too bad I can’t use it for my real-life desk. 
  2. If you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again, consider using a text expander or text snippet tool. I use BeefText which is open-source, and, without really trying, have a list of about 20 items that I can insert with a few keystrokes (most notably the date). If you want something a little more robust and don’t mind paying, check out this review of TextExpander here:
  3. Here are some great tips on how to stay safe using airport wifi:  Just in time for the holidays! If you are curious about VPNs, most have a try before you buy option. How do you choose a VPN? The Wirecutter has a great rundown and further explanations here: 
  4. Speaking of traveling, you may be interested in the What’s In My Bag email newsletter, where “Each week, one interesting person shares four favorite things in their bag.” If you like music, check out the YouTube channel for Amoeba music and its What’s In My Bag channel here:  You will get inspiration from what musicians and other artists are listening to and why. 

By: Mike Polk, Chair, Technology Committee
Belser & Belser, PA
Columbia, South Carolina